f i n e  a r t


For Latin American painter, Samuel Navedo, colors have always embraced him. Born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico in 1974, his Caribbean roots and family have been an enduring inspiration for his craft as is evident in each of his warm, bright canvasses. 

Samuel began drawing caricatures and showing remarkable abilities at the tender age of 6. His art not only impressed his mother and five older siblings, but also classmates and others in his town. This drove him to fully immerse himself in art and painting. 

Samuel is self-taught and learned his practice based on text books. He experimented throughout his adolescence and teens with different media and techniques. It was not until later in his career, that he moved to canvas. 

From one tropical climate to another, he moved to Miami, where he held his first gallery exhibit in December 2003 – appropriately named Colores Culturales or Cultural Colors. Word spread about Samuel’s unique and vibrant canvasses and less than 10 years later, he opened his own private gallery. 

Samuel continues to challenge himself and his medium with grandiose works of art that capture his emotions and love of his heritage with the colors that live in his soul and still embrace him today.